Artificial Intelligence to the Rescue!

Artificial Intelligence (AI), GPS and other technology developments play an increasingly vital role in controlling and managing the risks you are exposed to while operating your business.

Zoe Branch at wrote an article about a fascinating Bellevue based startup called Clobotics.

Clobotics has developed a drone called Smart Wind that utilizes AI to fly over wind turbines and takes photographs of the blades to inspect them for cracks while the blades continue to turn.   This creates dramatic improvement in safety and the bottom line according to Norma Luo, Finance and Operations Manager at Clobotics as quoted in the article in

“Previously, it took our customers (wind turbine inspectors) about six to eight hours to inspect one turbine,” she said. “They need to stop it, and when it’s stopped, it’s not making any money. They stop it and send one or two people, called ‘spidermen,’ to the top; they then strap themselves with ropes and climb down each turbine blade to inspect it.”

We have seen similar results to the bottom line and safety as we guide our clients through our 360 Roadmap process.   Once we identify their risk and analyze it, we advise on best practices and technology to help control and monitor the risks.   While we also help our clients put the right insurance policies in place as part of the risk financing phase, it is best to prevent or reduce the risk in the first place.  

One of several risk management tools available to many of our clients is GPS tracking technology on their fleet vehicles.  This allows real time monitoring of driving behavior and vehicle conditions.  This leads to great coaching opportunities and safety incentive programs to keep everybody motivated to behave safely.  

Clobotics seems to be providing a great solution for the wind turbine industry to reduce risk, enhance safety, and increase productivity. 

What technology have you embraced to create a safer work environment that you would recommend to others?

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