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Why First Underwriters and Philadelphia Insurance Company?

First Underwriters works with Philadelphia Insurance Companies (PHLY), which specializes in insurance coverages for the auto and truck rental and leasing industry. PHLY understands how to provide a flexible and comprehensive insurance program for risks all across the United States. **This product is for fleets of 10 or more units.

  • Statutory Owner/Rentee Primary Vehicle Liability coverage
  • Loss of Use coverage
  • Business Vacation Disruption Insurance
  • Special Investigative Unit
  • Increased liability limits for the driver
  • Excess liability (owner only)
  • Primary Physical Damage coverage

How to apply for Auto Rental Insurance?

  • Completed, signed, and dated PHLY Auto Daily Rental Application
  • Three prior years plus current year carrier documented loss history
  • Sample copy of the current Rental Agreement
  • Start-up operations must include resume of manager/owner and business plan
  • Description of the rental fleet and the source of the rental business
  • Photographs of all locations
  • Unit count information for three prior years plus current year
  • Time and mileage gross receipts for three prior years plus current year (if quote is on a gross receipts basis)