Class B Recreational Vehicles

Campervans are popular vehicles that many people use to get away for the weekend, and are considered a form of recreational vehicle (RV). Whether you use your Class B motorhome to go to concerts, take road trips or enjoy the many wonders of the great outdoors, you likely invested some significant resources into your camper. 

In order to protect your investment, consider specialized Class B camper van insurance for your recreational vehicle.

What Is Campervan Insurance?

Campervans are considered Class B recreational vehicles, which are the most affordable type of RV to insure. Depending on the insurance company you work with, the Class B vehicle type can include vehicles that:

  • Are used for camping, such as a campervan, conversion van, or a VW camper
  • Typically have an extension or raised roof, a small kitchen/kitchenette, sleeping accommodations, a 110 volt battery hookup, and a toilet
  • Range in size from 16 to 21 feet in length
  • Accommodate 2 to 4 sleepers
  • Have limited space and is generally used for short trips or as a second family vehicle

Class B campervan insurance is a specialized motorhome insurance policy that is required for these types of vehicles.

How Much Is RV Insurance for a Class B Camper Van?

The cost for camper van or VW camper insurance can vary quite a bit. Your specific costs will depend on a variety of factors such as:

  • The state or location where you live
  • Your driving record
  • The type of RV insurance coverage you buy
  • The age and value of the campervan
  • The weight and length of the vehicle
  • The insurance company you use to buy your insurance

Depending on the vehicle, some campervans can even be covered under a standard auto policy. Your annual coverage will most likely run somewhere between $500 and $1,000 for the year, with some variance based on the factors above. 

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Private Client Insurance Coverages

Covers the costs associated with any injuries or property damage you’re responsible for due to an accident.

Covers the costs to repair or replace your damaged or destroyed vehicle after an accident.

Formally known as “other than collision,” this portion of your policy covers damage to your vehicle from things like theft and weather damage.

Pays medical bills and other expenses whether you’re at fault or not

Protects you financially if the other driver doesn’t have any car insurance or not enough to pay for all expenses.

Pays to replace your RV in the event of a total loss. This is usually only available for brand-new RVs that have never had a previous owner. 

Covers physical damage or theft.

Covers vet fees for an injury to an animal or replacement costs for death.

Covers the cost for a professional to help fix covered problems or to tow your vehicle to a repair shop.

Coverage helps to repair or replace things like antennas and awnings.

Covers personal property like dishes and sporting equipment.

Covers the cost of bodily injury or property damage that occurs when the RV is being used as a temporary residence.

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