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We offer flexible and customized insurance for your equine risks. Our underwriting approach is built on extensive experience combined with regular consultation with veterinary surgeons and specialist equine agents.

We offer flexible and customized insurance for your equine risks. Our Insurance Brokers approach is built on extensive experience.

First Underwriters Insurance Brokers offers customized policy for the equine industry. We are capable of offering a wide range of activities from horse racing, sport horses, and breeding to rodeo animals, for risks including mortality, infertility, accident, and theft.

Types of Coverage:

  • Named perils
  • Equine mortality
  • Theft
  • Transit
  • Stallion permanent disability
  • Stallion first season infertility
  • Stallion availability
  • Stallion loss of income
  • Major medical / veterinary fees
  • Emergency colic surgery
  • Barrenness / prospective foal


Equine Insurance Coverages

Cattle mortality policies can cover your registered purebred cattle from age 3 months to 7 years. Terms of coverage range from 30 days to 12 months. And age exceptions can be made for an additional premium

If you are running a horse-related operation, you need a commercial equine liability policy.

First Underwriters Insurance Brokers will design a policy that is specifically designed for almost any type of horse-related business including:

  • Boarding
  • Breeding
  • Training
  • Riding instruction
  • Horse sales
  • Clinics
  • Personal/pleasure horses
  • Team roping/penning practices

Our coverage applies whether you conduct your business on your own premises, or rent/lease property.

First Underwriters Insurance Brokers will customize a policy specifically for horse club and associate insurance for protection from third-party lawsuits. Things can happen – whether to club members, participants, property, or spectators.

Our insurance is a great choice because it provides the coverage you need for:

  • Your club’s leased or owned premises
  • Special events
  • Your club’s various functions such as shows, clinics, and trail rides

Should your horse die, or need to be euthanized, or is stolen, there is no way to compensate you for your grief. But First Underwriters Insurance Brokers can help compensate you for the costs of starting over again.

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