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At first glance, it might not sound too dangerous to be an equipment dealer. But there are risk in all kinds of businesses, and a few worth thinking about are:

  • Protecting your products: Equipment is not cheap. You’ll want insurance that not only protects your products should they be damaged or burglarized, but also if they’re broken during a trial run.
  • A third-party being injured on your property or from your products: Equipment is full of sharp edges and pointy things. If someone’s injured in your store or on your property, you could be facing a lawsuit.

Here at First Underwriters, we have access to multiple insurance companies, ultimately finding you the best coverage, accessibility, and competitive pricing while working for you.

Farm Equipment Insurance Coverages

Insurance exists for the purpose of protecting persons and organizations from the adverse financial consequences of certain unpredictable events, regardless of the coverage line being considered. For general liability insurance, the unpredictable event that constitutes the subject of the insurance is a claim of legal liability arising out of a company’s operations, premises, products, and completed work.

Commercial property  is the policy that an organization purchases to pay for damage to its own buildings and the personal property in them. A commercial property policy can also cover loss of income or increase in expenses that result from insured damage to buildings and their contents.

Workers’ compensation is required in every state except for Texas. If an employee is injured on the job,it covers medical bills and paid time off as well as reduces the risk of being sued by your employee.

This provides coverage if your outdoor equipment store is damaged and unable to earn money for a specified amount of time. This insurance will pay until the damage is repaired.

Floods and earthquakes are not included in general commercial insurance policies. This insurance can help protect you in the event that one of these disasters damages your store.

With a variety of expensive equipment in your store, you’re at risk for shoplifting, vandalism, embezzlement, and a variety of other crimes. This will pay you back for the income loss should such an event occur.

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