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Floods are one of the most common natural disasters, and are consistently the most deadly. No matter where you live, a flood can happen.

Many home owners believe that flood damages can be covered by their homeowners insurance. This is unfortunately untrue. A flood insurance policy is the only way to have coverage in case of a damaging flood. Even a flood of only two inches can spell disaster in a home.

How Much Flood Insurance Do I Need?

The amount of flood insurance you need may not be the same for your entire community. The policy limits you choose are incredibly important. In order to figure out how much flood insurance you need, you’ll need to get a general idea of what your assets are worth. While this may seem like an arduous process, it’s well worth your time. Go through each room in your home, writing down the belongings in each room. Give each item a value, down to your socks and dishes. When you have a total for each room, add those up in order to get a basis for the amount of coverage you will need.

If you are a renter, contents coverage is the only policy you’ll need, however, it’s important to get an accurate value of your belongings as well in order to get enough coverage to replace your items. If you are a landlord, a structure policy will most likely be your best bet.

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Flood Insurance Coverages

Building coverage is designed to help cover materials in the building’s structure, including plumbing, electrical, walls, and windows.

Typically offered at half the limit of the building coverage, this policy can cover all of the furnishings inside the home, such as carpeting, appliances, electronics, and furniture.

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