Garage Insurance 

We are there with you in the most uncertain of times.

Owners of garages have a unique need when it comes to protecting their assets from the risks involved in making repairs to other peoples vehicles. Injury, error, or property damage can conclude in an expensive claim or lawsuit. 

At First Underwriters’, we grab the wrench. Our experience comes from serving local repair shops in the Western United States. We know that keeping your business protected from costly claims and higher insurance rates involves more than an insurance policy. That means avoiding claims so your insurance never gets triggered.

Not only do we place your coverage with an insurer that offers policies crafted for auto repair shops, we also help control your losses by providing risk management programs refined over years of implementation. We put programs in place after accessing your areas of risk and use methods that combine education, training, communications, audits and quarterly reviews to make adjustments. And should you have a loss, we help resolve your claim efficiently and look for patterns that can be broken to prevent future losses.

Automotive Insurance Types

Licensed Professionals

Every producer at First Underwriters takes continuing education courses to stay on top of what is going on in each industry.

Automotive Experts

Our automotive team works exclusively within the repair, towing, and transportation industry.

Risk Advisors & Man In The Loop

We work with you to create a strategic risk management plan for your business and are there with you every step of the way to ensure your are taken care when the unthinkable becomes reality.

Garage Insurance FAQ

We now have an FAQ list that we hope will help you answer
some of the more common ones.

A garage liability insurance policy covers auto repair shops from medical costs and lawsuits arising from an injury of the someone on the shops premises. Auto repair shops typically produce more injuries than most other offices, so additional protections are included to protect your business. 

Garagekeepers is coverage provided under a garage policy for auto service shops and auto dealers particularly those that maintain a service department or body shop. It pertains to liability exposures with respect to damage to a customer’s auto or auto equipment that has been left in the dealer’s care for service or repair. 

The hired auto and nonowned auto liability endorsement is appropriate for use only if the insured entity does not own any automobiles. In fact, ISO Commercial Lines Manual rules specify that the endorsement is not available to insureds that have another policy covering commercial auto exposures. It provides coverage for bodily injury and property damage liability in connection with just “hired autos,” just “nonowned autos,” or both, as indicated in the endorsement schedule.

Insurance companies typically keep lists of preferred body shops for their customers. If a customer is in an accident, the insurance company will offer its list of local preferred shops as a resource for the insured if he or she is unsure of where to go for repairs.

Body shops that welcome the insurance company referrals must adhere to certain requirements. In general, body shops must be able to show proof of consistent, honest, fast and good quality work that results in happy customers. 

What’s more, body shops must accept the insurance company’s scheduled rates for certain types of repairs, with the goal of making the process simple, straightforward and convenient for the customer.

Body shop owners need to apply with individual insurance companies and meet their requirements in order to participate.

Have Questions About Your Policy?

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