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We understand that your in business to protect, care and provide for your patients.  At First Underwriters we do much the same for our clients.  With the general liability insurance you can have the peace of mind that we will work with you to provide policies that work to protect you in regards to injuries associated with damage to business property and bodily injury. 

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Our policies are designed with malpractice in mind.  This is the largest area of danger for healthcare related facilities and this should be front and center when it comes to the policies that cover your line of work.   Doctors, nurses, physical therapists and all other health professionals carry liability insurance – and the caregivers at residential care facilities should have the same protection. 

We understand that you specialize in mental health treatment and that your goal goal is to provide the most effective, up to date, empirically-based treatments for your clients.  That also mean you understand the importance of being specialists and the amount of work it requires to be a specialist. 

Thats why you should let us be your specialists within the insurance realm.  We understand that there is a lot at risk and thats what we specialize in as your risk broker.  

We’ll let you handle the behavioral side of things and we’ll work with you to be the experts in claim management and loss.

Your dental practice and professional reputation are valuable assets that must be protected. That’s why  dentists choose First Underwriters.  We are the company dedicated to the protection and defense of the dental profession. 

The practice of dentistry, dental surgery and other specialized procedures call for advanced practice protection. Our professional liability policy was designed exclusively to protect and defend the practice of dentistry.

Our experienced brokers will tailor dental professional liability coverage to your unique practice needs. Both claims-made and occurrence policies are available.

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Professional liability insurance for physical therapy groups, also called malpractice insurance, professional indemnity, or errors and omissions insurance, is vital to your business’s longevity should you, your employee, or your full practice be named in a malpractice lawsuit.

Even if the negligence claim is untrue, the out-of-pocket costs for legal defense is expensive. First Underwriters provides comprehensive physical therapy practice malpractice insurance that protects your business’s reputation and financial stability from the damages of lawsuits resulting from negligence, errors, or undelivered services. Additionally, CM&F’s professional liability insurance for PT clinics also covers Legal Defense costs as well as the payment of any Court Award or Settlement.

In the interest of providing the most comprehensive coverage possible, our physical therapy group malpractice insurance fluctuates with the relevant laws that dictate scope of practice. Should the scope of practice for the insured change, we will contact you, so you will always be up to date with the laws and needs of your industry.

All First Underwriters malpractice insurance for PT clinics policies include workplace liability insurance to provide coverage for claims of bodily injury or property damage brought by patients.

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Companies in the health care and social assistance industry face a number of inherent risks and hazards against which they need to be protected. 

Business insurance providers understand this, and they offer a number of different coverage options so that it is possible to build a policy that is suitable to meet the specific needs of every individual establishment.

Building a business insurance policy that is appropriate to meet all the coverage needs of your health care or social assistance organization can be an intricate and time-consuming endeavor. Instead of approaching it alone, let’s do it together!

Here at First Underwriters, we are not captive to any particular insurance provider, so we can shop around to find you competitively-priced coverage that is appropriate to your specific business. Best of all, you can have all your insurance solutions housed under one roof.

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