Medicare supplement
insurance plans

These plans often referred to as “Medigap” insurance may help pay some of the healthcare costs that Medicare Parts A and B don’t, like coinsurance, copayments or deductibles.


Medicare is a federal health insurance program that allows certain groups of people to get healthcare coverage without purchasing individual insurance plans or enrolling in a group health plan, such as an employer’s health plan. 

Depending on the type and amount of coverage you have through the Medicare program, and your specific needs, you may need to add on one or more Medicare supplement plans to manage the “gaps” in your coverage.

Medicare Supplemental Insurance Plans

  • Medicare supplement plans, also known as “Medigap” plans, cover the costs that are not covered by original Medicare.
  • There are 10 Medicare supplement plans: A, B, C, D, F, G, K, L, M and N.
  • Plans E, H, I and J, which covered various Medicare gaps, are legacy plans that are still in force for some people, but were discontinued in 2010.
  • If you join a Medicare Advantage Plan, you cannot buy Medigap supplemental plans.

What Is a Medicare Supplement Plan?

When you qualify for Medicare, you will be asked about which, if any, supplemental insurance plans you wish to purchase. This leads many to ask, “What is a Medicare Supplement Plan?”

Medicare supplemental insurance, or Medigap policies, are designed to cover what original Medicare does not. These plans close the “gaps” in coverage and help seniors and those with disabilities to manage the costs of their care. 

The 10 Medicare supplemental insurance policies, known as Medigap plans, each cover a range of healthcare costs, in differing amounts.

Benefits included in all of these plans are:

  • 100% coverage for Part A coinsurance and hospitalization costs, up to 365 days beyond what Medicare covers
  • 75% to 100% coverage for Part B coinsurance and copayments
  • 50% to 100% coverage for the first three pints of blood during a hospital stay
  • 75% to 100% coverage of Part A hospice care coinsurance or co-payment

Additionally, some plans include the following benefits:

  • 50% to 100% coverage for skilled nursing facility coinsurance
  • 50% to 100% of Medicare Part A deductible
  • 100% of Medicare Part B excess charges

The percentage of coverage for each of the covered costs varies depending upon which supplemental Medigap plan you choose, so it is important that you compare a variety of Medicare supplement insurance quotes before making a selection.

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