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Insurance for Plumbing Contractors

Insurance Needs for Plumbing Contractors

The work of a plumbing contractor involves installing, maintaining and repairing water systems in residential and commercial structures. Appliances, water heaters, toilets and sprinkler systems must be included and taken care of in new and existing structures, making plumbers a necessity for these buildings’ functionality and longevity. However, the plumbing industry involves inherent risks that must be accounted for. This article discusses plumbing contractors’ potential exposures and common types of insurance available to mitigate liability.

Potential Exposures

Plumbing can be demanding and physical work. Several incidents could create legal issues for plumbing contractors, including:

  • Injuries—Plumbing contractors could sustain injuries from moving heavy appliances, working in tight spaces and performing repetitive tasks. Third parties can also be injured from slips and other incidents from completed work.
  • Property damage—Property damage is often the result of water damage, which can occur either during work or after a project has been completed.
  • Auto accidents—Any company that utilizes vehicles for travel is susceptible to auto accidents. This can result in injuries to contractors or third-parties as well as property damage to the company’s vehicles and others’ vehicles.


Proper insurance coverage can protect plumbing contractors and their businesses from liability. For more information, contact us today at (425) 242-5357.

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