Restaurant Insurance

First Underwriters Insurance Brokers provide insurance protection for restaurants.

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Restaurant Insurance

First Underwriters Insurance Brokers offers insurance for manufacturers in Washington, Oregon, California, and Texas.

As the owner of a manufacturing company, you provide valuable products to your customers that require a large investment in your building, your equipment, and your employees.

What if something were to happen to any of these important assets, such as a pipe that freezes and bursts in your office, damaging or destroying electronic equipment and important files? What if a product you manufactured was defective and had to be destroyed? Does your business insurance have you properly covered for all the unique risks you face?

Your First Underwriters’ Insurance Broker will carefully evaluate your business to find the insurance that best fits YOUR needs – everything from general liability to property to technology.

Unfortunately, bad things happen to good people. Fortunately, you can have confidence in our insurance carriers’ financial strength and outstanding reputation for fair and prompt claims service.

Contact us at (425) 242-5357 to learn more or to get a business quote.

Other Business Insurance Types:

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