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Roofer Insurance

You purchased a boat to provide years of personal enjoyment—ensure your pleasure by choosing the right insurance protection.

The Basics

A small boat, such as a canoe or other un-motorized boat, is typically covered under the personal property portion of your homeowners insurance policy.
If you own a larger, faster boat, you’ll need a separate boatowners insurance policy.

It can help you insure your investment in the event of loss due to the following risks:

2021 Brochure

Boat Insurance

Coverage Basics

A typical boatowners insurance policy is designed to protect your boat, motor, equipment and passengers. It provides similar coverage to those you typically have for your car including the following:

  • Theft, loss or damage to the boat and attached equipment
  • Bodily injury coverage
  • Damage caused to someone else’s property by your boat or watercraft
  • Liability coverage for your passengers, which would include family and guests
  • Medical payment coverage for injuries to the occupants of the boat

“If you have several personal watercraft (PWC) vehicles, you may qualify for a multi-boat discount. You can also purchase additional coverage for accessories and hauling trailers to keep all your bases covered.”

Two principal liability coverages are included:

  1. Personal liability coverage provides protection for legal liability and pays, up to the limit of your policy, the legal obligations imposed upon you due to an accident resulting from the ownership, maintenance or use of your watercraft, including bodily injury, property damage and legal defense.
  2. Medical payments coverage pays medical expenses up to the limits in the policy, including the insured’s boating-related medical expenses from an accident arising out of the ownership, maintenance or use of the boat. Expenses include hospital, medical, and ambulance.

Additional Coverage Options

For added protection, consider the following additional coverage options:

  • Reasonable repairs: Covers repairs done to protect covered property from further damage.
  • Emergency service: Pays for reasonable costs that you incur resulting from specified emergency service to your boat, motor, or boat trailer.


Top Ways to Save

Running your boat on diesel fuel instead of gas reduces both your risk and your insurance premium.

A boat fire can be devastating, so having approved fire extinguishers on board can be a premium saver.

Complete an approved safety course through the Coast Guard, U.S. Power Squadrons, Red Cross or other state-administered course.

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