Switching Made Simple

Switching insurance companies doesn’t have to be a complicated process.  It can actually be done in 5 steps.

1. Speak To Your Broker

You probably already have done this step, but if you haven’t you need to talk to a professional.  

Our Brokers at First Underwriters are experts when it comes to providing coverages for you business.

They will most likely look into what areas you need coverage for and try to find carriers that will match your needs.

2. Understand Your Current Coverage & Options

This is where having a broker you trust is vital.

Most people do NOT have the time or the knowledge to correctly read their insurance policies.  

You will want to use us to evaluate your current policy and see if there are coverage gaps.

90% of the time there are.

3. Get A Price & Quote and Compare Options

At First Underwriters, we don’t just quote one carrier.  We quote multiple carriers.

This means that we find the best prices AND the best coverages and present those to you based on your unique needs.

We don’t do cookie cutter insurnace policies, because they don’t work and because we value our relationship with you.

4. Transfer Policy

Exactly as it sounds.  

Once you’ve found the right protection its time to enact on it.  

All you do is sign a letter stating that you have a new insurance broker and sign the proposal.

Right after a policy will be emailed to you and your previous insurance company will get a notice to refund the remainder of your premium.

You DO NOT lose money from the previous carrier.  This should not be what worries you.

5. Complete!

Make sure to follow up on getting the refund,

Go over your policy and then go over it with your broker.

We specialize in telling you whats in the policy so don’t hesitate to ask.

Make sure to keep it stored some place easily accessible online (i.e your email.)

That’s it!  All done in 5 simple steps.

Switching is easy. But before that why not get a quote and see your options?