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Almost everyone has a special collection, whether it is a collection of antiques, coins, art, figurines, dolls, collector cars or fine wine. It’s hard to imagine anything happening to your treasured belongings. Antiques and collectibles insurance provides coverage for those hard-to-replace belongings in your home. 

Loss Scenarios: When You Need Collectible Insurance

  • A heat wave or other event damages your wine collection. 
  • You drop a few bottles climbing out of your wine cellar. 

Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Wine Collections?

A common misconception is that homeowners insurance provides coverage for all high value items in the home, including antiques, collectibles and family heirlooms. 

While some policies may cover your antiques, the amount of coverage is typically very limited and may not enough to cover replacement of your expensive possessions after a loss.

Homeowners policies typically cover up to a set limit for many specific categories of items. For example, your policy may cover a loss of up to $2,500 for your wine collection. You might have a single bottle worth more than that. 

If you determine that you need additional, specific coverage for your collection, there are typically two methods:

  1. Work with your agent to add an “endorsement” (also called a rider) to your existing homeowners insurance policy for any items of value that otherwise won’t be covered for their full value by your home policy.
  2. Buy a separate “insurance floater” for each of your most treasured items or collections.

Consult with our First Underwriters Risk Advising teams about the best approach for you, based on the value of the items you need to cover and a cost comparison of a rider vs. a separate insurance floater.

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